Are these CNC machines?

There are a couple thingamajiggers in the back room that look like homebrew cnc projects----got some rotary tools and some xy action going on…

Anybody know anything about them? who built them?

Former member @abe made those to create one-off circuit boards. He’s moved out of town. Someone could get those going with a bit of patience and luck. The use the Shapeoko open standard.

One machine is a Shapeoko version 1, slightly modified. It is designed to take a rotary tool for a spindle, and its control electronics run GRBL and speak GRBL-flavored GCODE. It currently lacks useful stuff like homing switches (which GRBL supports) to prevent it from overrunning its space. The last time I tested it, a couple of months ago, it seemed to run fine.

The other machine is a home-built machine with a similar electrical setup. It uses a dedicated spindle, not a rotary tool. Like Laurence mentioned, it was originally designed to make printed circuit boards. I have not tested it recently, but I expect it to be in similar electrical shape to the Shapeoko.

Both machines were built or championed by Abe, who moved to Boston about 2.5 years ago.

Wow good info! Thanks Buddha! Thanks Laurence!

i vote for a shapoko carvey. it is easy to use, maintain, and has a safety hood to catch flying bits…