Anyone willing to do a garbage run?

Hello everyone,

The giant pile of scrap wood was cleaned up today and put in bins in the back room. I was wondering if anyone was willing to do a garbage run to take all the scrap wood to the dump and/ or recycling center. If you can’t take all of it that is fine but it would be great if you can take some. I am going to try to take some scrap this weekend but if that is not possible I am going to try early next

week. Also please don’t add any material to where the scrap pile used to be unless it is really large or nice piece of material then maybe you can put it there but other wise bring it home or throw it away.

Thank you

  • Sam

Hey @sam_scott - did you hear back from anyone?

Yes. I talked to a board member and they said that they will figure out what to do with all the scrap.