4/21, 8pm board agenda

Add your topics if you have them!

Below is the edu report I wrote. Elliot read it and agrees. I caught Chris and Greg at Wicked Device yesterday. I sense that Chris doesn’t agree but not sure. Greg told me about some courses he taught that I didn’t previously know about. I think this is all to say that edu is not communicating well. Perhaps the board can set some expectations for committees. That would be helpful.

anyways, for your perusal

edu “report”

edu “report”

Thanks, X. We’ll see if we can smooth things out…

staffers meeting next friday
vote on scholarship stuff since Jenn didn’t get revisions out over email!

tool committee clean up files on computer connected to laser - fyi, i put the pentax images on my thumb drive and deleted them from the desktop. i dont know whose they are but i have them for now…