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Let talk 3D modeling

I want to learn 3D modeling. I can use fusion 360 a little but would love to meetup w folks and explore the wonderful world of geometry. Maybe even this afternoon…

Also, I want a 3D scanner. But maybe that’s another thread

I can introduce you to some of the tools I use modeling for engineering, simulation, and getting files out to the 3d printer.

For organic shapes, math-based art stuff and 3d scanned meshes there are probably better tools than the ones I use.

I will be at the space in ten minutes, there all evening

I think we should have a workshop in which we model these:


Then, for a deliverable, upload to thingiverse or shapeways.

TUTORIAL. make a vase in sketchup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PziwoZZSX64

@laurence ?

It would be a little more complex than making a vase - you would have to also add the little nubblins for mounting on the handlebars. Sketchup is just so-so at stuff like that, but it could be done with a plugin.

I would think that we could develop a framework for getting sketchup set up with the appropriate configuration to publish stl files.

It has been my experience that setting up the software, finding the right settings and getting everything (exporting eg) working smoothly is the most valuable part of any class - and frequently glossed over in tutorial vids.

this is awesome

I think I will test drive this app with my students and if it works, create an event for the public (with the expectation of high female turnout). maybe my students would help host it. And perhaps we could get our members who own printers to bring them in for a printer-thon. pizza, etc.

cc @vicatcu @jenn @ChrisW @Elliot_Wells @sean

That’s an interesting idea. A party can add value for all parties if it happens right.

I sure wish we had some better computers at the space to offer for members to jam on those nervous systems apps.

I’m seeing two potential formats then:


Learn to use sketchup to design this vase. All together now

  • install, configure, and set up your first custom template
  • use the tools to make the thing
  • connect to the google warehouse and install the stl exporter plugin
  • publish a project to thingiverse


3d jam/studio (maybe a few wednesdays in a row?)

  • we will show you a collection of online tools (nervous labs, maybe a few others)
  • we walk around and troubleshoot and support your experience
  • export an stl or print at the special end-of-the-course printer party

Gallery Night in May

Reviving this topic because I am interested in finding a cheap software that is easy to use for 3d modeling leading into animation(Not blender because I’m told it’s the hardest form of 3d modeling available.

Hi. Autocad is free. http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/autocad and if you are just starting, start with tinkercad - designed for kids but super useful for adults https://www.tinkercad.com/

thank you