Category Topics


Share project ideas, project updates, etc. Ask for help, offer help. Coordinate group projects.

Tools and Safety

This category is a good place for topics about Tools in general. Possibly a useful way to discuss tools we would like to add to our collection and comparison / shopping for them.


This category is to talk about infrastructure related to the space and organization. Things ilke website management tools, a security system, computer standardization and the like are good examples of topics for this category

Maker Movemnt

This is a good category for topics surrounding IG's identity in the broader scope of the Maker Movement. Discussions surrounding public relations could go here. It's also a good place sharing and discussing news and links to relevant makerspace happenings outside IG.

General Discussion

Have a topic that doesn't seem to fit the categories or cuts across a large swath of existing topics. This is a good category under which such discussions might take place.


This category is for non-specific discussions surrounding education at IG, if you want to talk about specific classes we recommend putting it in the Classes category (which lives under Education).


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Communities of Interest

This is a parent category for clubs / communities of interest with the Makerspace. If you want a sub-category created, or want to discuss the creation of a new club / community of interest, this would be a good category to post under.


Have ideas or concerns about existing policies or the need for new policies? Want to gauge the temperature of the membership on a topic. This is a good place to start an open dialogue about it.

Sci-Fi Book Club

Members like to get to get together once a month to discuss a book. Currently the meeting takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. This is a good place to discuss the books. Be courteous and don't post spoilers! /cc @starsplatter